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Just Grazin Custom Nets, your go to one stop, slow feed hay net shop. Producing quality slow feed hay nets, made right here in Australia for over a decade! Our huge range of net sizes will have all your hay net needs covered! Various hole sizes are available, including 3cm, 4cm & 6cm netting. Can’t find a net to suit your needs? Inquire about a custom size net (a FREE service we offer our customers). Whatever size your bale is, we have the hay net just for you!

Small Size Just Grazin Custom Nets

I have bought several Just Grazin slow feed hay nets and to say I am happy is an understatement.
Amazing quality I highly recommend these products 😊 …….

Joyce T
Slow Feed Hay Net

We have had our Just Grazin Custom Nets for over 18 months and they’re still going strong with regular use, we even have one on our round bale now that has been out for almost two weeks and it’s still half there, whereas it would have been spread and demolished within the first week/week and a half without it…..

Jacinta D

Great net – thank you team! Happy horses have refined their just grazing technique & are content nibbling away. It’s tough & easy to use & is keeping the nags at bay.
Great company. Super tough & easy to use net!…..

Andrea F
Just Grazin Custom Nets

Huge shout out to Just Grazin Custom Nets for helping keep our horses happy during the QRHA state show with the 3cm and 4cm custom hay nets. Team Laurie Equine love these slow feeder nets……

Team Laurie Equine
Just Grazin Custom Net

I only recently discovered your nets. I bought a round bale net and 3 hanging nets.
I have 100% got my money’s worth out of them…..

Erin S

I love Just Grazin Hay Nets, as I am able to provide hay for my whole herd. They all have different feed requirements. Without the net, the pony and cow eat the whole bale and get fat, while the seniors go hungry. With the net they all happily share and there is always some left for everyone. I love the quality and price of Just Grazin Nets, the best I’ve ever had!… 

Raelene G

Just Grazin® – Slow Feed Hay Net Benefits     


Just Grazin Custom Nets contain and protect your hay by reducing the amount that is wasted. Wastage occurs particularly when horses/livestock spread the hay around, trample it into the dirt/mud and also by urination. Hay can also be lost due to being blown away or across into another paddock/yard. This waste is a costly expense for all horse/livestock owners. Just Grazin Custom Nets will keep your hay where it’s supposed to be!


Colic – Slow feeding allows a steady continuous intake of hay, keeping the horse’s stomach full longer and their digestive tract moving.
Ulcers – Slow steady consumption of forage, stimulates saliva which helps to buffer stomach acid, reducing the chance of ulcers developing.
Boredom – Slowed consumption means your horse will spend more time grazin’, as nature intended. This will reduce the chances of stable vices developing due to boredom.


University studies have proven the use of small holed slow feed hay nets reduces the rate by which hay is consumed vs feeding hay loose or feeding with traditional large holed hay nets. Horses naturally graze approx 18hrs a day. Slowed consumption helps to mimic natural grazin’ when horses don’t have access to pasture. Slow feeding also helps to maintain insulin levels, especially important for laminitic & cushings affected horses.


Evidence provided by Sharon May Davis (world renowned Equine Therapist and Scientist) and various body workers has shown improvement to posture and body imbalance issues, when horses have been fed “hay high” (for a max of approx 20mins a day). The “browsing posture” engages and strengthens the ventral muscles of the caudal cervical and cranial thoracic vertebrae. For more information click here


Unfortunately, not everyone has acres and acres of pasture for their horses to live on and even those that do, in Australia’s climate we all need to be mindful how we manage our land and our pasture. Sometimes it’s necessary to keep our horses/livestock confined to a dry lot or “sacrifice paddock”, to protect pastures from over grazing. Using a sacrifice paddock with hay supplementation, gives pasture the time it needs to regrow or rest, as once overgrazed, pasture takes A LOT longer to recover. Just Grazin Custom Nets have an extensive range of hay nets to assist with feeding out hay during these times, be that a full standard bale or entire round bale that’s needed to supply your animals with their necessary fibre requirements while they are off the pasture.


Why Soak Hay? – Studies have shown soaking hay can reduce respirable particle concentration (dust/mold) by at least 88%. Dust particles can cause or worsen respiratory problems. Some horse owners also soak their hay to help reduce the amount of sugar content, for their laminitic or insulin resistant horses.
How hay nets help? – Simply fill your Just Grazin Custom Net with hay, then fully submerge in a wheelie bin or large container (you may need to put a rock or brick on top to keep it down) the hay net keeps the hay together nicely. If soaking hay needs to be a regular part of your routine, the added bonus is you can install a pulley above the hay net (wet hay can be very heavy) then leave it hanging to drain.

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