Please note – We will be away 11th-18th of June. Orders placed during this time will be posted asap, after the 18th. If you have placed an order and would like an update on the ETA, dont hesitate to contact us with your inquiry after the 18th. Thanks.

Small Size Hay Net

Holds up to 3 biscuits of hay

Half Bale Hay Net

Holds half a standard bale of hay

Full Bale Hay Net

Holds an entire standard bale of hay

4×4 Round Bale Hay Nets

Fully encloses a standard 4foot x 4foot round bale.

5×4 Round Bale Hay Nets

Fully encloses a standard 5foot x 4foot round bale.

6×4 Round Bale Hay Net                                      8x4x3 XL Rectangle Bale Hay Net

Fully encloses a standard 6foot x 4foot round bale                                Fully encloses a 8x4x3 Rectangle Export Bale

Miscellaneous Products

Salt Block Nets, Mineral Block Nets and More