Choosing the right size netting……

Just Grazin Custom Nets

It is important to consider what size netting would be most suited to your personal situation. Different netting sizes suit different hay types and also different individual horses and livestock. Netting choice will also be impacted by what you want from the net, whether its to reduce waste, slow the rate of consumption or a combination of both.

3x3cm Netting

Is your horse a pro at using a slow feeder and you find the traditional 4cm netting is just not quite small enough? Do you have laminitic ponies, own mini’s or do you feed out top quality leafy hay?

3cm x 3cm netting is recommended for those animals who are experienced with using slow feed hay nets or for use with mini’s, goats, sheep etc. They are best used with high quality leafy hay, the type of hay that your horse/animals usually eat fast. Some horses may be frustrated by this size if they aren’t conditioned to using a slow feed hay net, others are happy to graze from the net straight away. Our 3cm netting range is available in 48ply netting Black in colour.

Slow Feed Hay Net

4x4cm Netting

Just Grazin Custom Nets

Are you looking for a hay net to slow down consumption? Do you feed good quality hay and want to reduce the waste?

4cm x 4cm netting is the traditional size netting and most common used for slow feeding hay. 4cm is our most popular size netting and is a good general purpose netting size suitable for the majority of hay types. 4cm netting will reduce hay waste as well as slow consumption. All of our 4cm netting is a robust 60ply netting, green in colour.

6x6cm Netting

Sick and tired of your hay being spread around and wasted? Want to slow consumption a little?

6cm x 6cm netting is ideal for those who mainly want to stop their horses wasting so much hay. 6cm netting does slow consumption, but not as much as 3cm or 4cm netting. Suited to all types of hay including hay of lower quality & cereal hays. 6cm netting is also a great choice for old or retired horses who you dont want to restrict their forage intake but want to save $ on waste. All of our 6cm netting is a robust 60ply netting, black in colour.

NOTE: Prior to use, be sure your horses hooves are larger than the size of the netting. 6cm netting is not recommended for foals or mini’s due to their small feet. If using with small footed animals, you must ensure their feet cannot access the net as there is a chance they may become tangled. Please read our FAQ’s for ideas on using slow feed hay nets with shod/small footed animals.

Trouble Shooting…….

Signs your netting is too small

* Horses/livestock are consistently putting holes in the netting.

* Evidence of spinning the whole net around and around, trying to find a way to get to the hay

* Horses/livestock have given up trying to get the hay.

Signs you could try smaller netting

* Horses/livestock are consuming hay as fast as they were prior to using the slow feed hay net

* There’s a large amount of waste on the ground (provided the hay is of good quality and that its not just stalk left behind)

Hay Net Sizes Available……


Small Size Net

Small Size Hay Nets – The perfect size for feeding out a few biscuits of hay, small nets will comfortably hold up to 3 biscuits of hay. This makes them the ideal size to use for feeding out Lucerne hay, taking away to competitions, using in your float and for ponys. Great for feeding smaller portions of hay, but extending the feeding time and reducing the waste of hay given out loose.

Half Bale

Half Bale Size Nets

Half Bale Net – Holds up to half a standard bale of hay. Great for feeding out hay to several horses (who are happy to share of course). The half bale size is suited to feeding amounts of grassy hay, making hay available to your horse over night or for extended periods of time. Very generous sizing, easy to fill, a simple and convenient way to feed out your horses daily hay ration.

Full Bale

Full Bale Size Nets

Full Bale Net – Holds a full standard rectangle bale of hay. Great for true continuous slow feeding, especially for horses kept on dry lots/sacrifice paddocks without access to pasture. A full bale net can be used with several horses in a shared area (provided they get along) or is perfect for having hay available 24/7 for your horse.

Round Bale

Round Bale Size Nets

Round Bale Nets – Just Grazin Custom Nets® come in the following standard sizes 3x4foot, 4x4foot, 5x4foot and 6x4foot. The hay net fully encloses the entire round bale keeping it secure inside the netting. Feeding out round bales is the most cost effective way to provide forage 24/7. Slow feed hay nets greatly reduce the waste which usually occurs when round bales aren’t contained.


Custom Size Nets

Cant find the size hay net you need? Just Grazin Custom Nets® stock an extensive range of sizes, but if you need something specific we offer a custom size service, free of charge! Simply send us your hay net measurements and we can get you sorted, making the exact size net you require!

Custom Net