~ 10yr Celebration ~

A decade of producing Australian made slow feed hay nets!

2019 marks a decade since our first slow feed hay net was made.
Join us as we celebrate with monthly giveaways!


January Winner!
Kylie Jane, winner of our first monthly competition for 2019
1 x Small 4.5cm Net (Value $23.95)
1 x Custom Pen
1 x Custom Key chain torch
1 x 10% Discount Voucher

February Winner!
Rob Lawrence, winner of our February competition for 2019
1 x Just Grazin Custom Cap
1  x Custom Pen
1 x Custom Key chain Torch
1 x 10% Discount Voucher

March Winner!
Amaryllis O’Hara, winner of our March competition for 2019
1 x $30 Gift Voucher
1 x $50 cash donation to winners choice of charity
Donated to – Mackay riding for the disabled

April Winners!
Helen Hayes & Pam Piskor, winners of our April competition for 2019

1 x half bale net 4.5cm netting (value $33.95)
1 x custom pen
1 x custom key chain torch
1 x 10% discount voucher

May Winner!
Cat Clark – winner of our May competition for 2019
Cat’s prize includes;
A Just Grazin Custom Nets T-Shirt
1 x custom pen
1 x custom key chain led torch
1 x 10% discount voucher

June Competition >>>>>> Keep an eye out for details!!
June giveaway will be announced on our facebook page, last week in June.

This is our lovely 12yr old QH gelding Ace. He’s been using our slow feed hay nets for a decade too. In fact, he’s the very inspiration behind Just Grazin Custom Nets! As a 2yr old Ace sustained an injury which had him on extended stable rest (photo above), something he was not happy about. Having previously learnt about the many benefits slow feed hay nets offer, we wanted to give them a try. Hoping they would help Ace during his confinement. The trouble was, back in those days there were no Australian produced slow feed hay nets. Unfortunately the only ones available had to be ordered overseas 😞
After lots of research we ended up making our very first slow feed hay net. This worked a treat for Ace and he found his confinement a little more bearable. Seeing the benefits for Ace, we started using the nets for all of our horses 👍 We made some nets for a friend as well, she loved them as much as we did. So much so infact, that she offered to list them in her online store. And so the journey began! We’ve continued using Just Grazin Custom Nets every day for the past decade and now also use them for our sheep as well. We truly could not imagine feeding out the hay that we do, without them! Best of all we get to share the benefits with horse owners Australia wide 💕🐴

We have an extensive range of Slow Feed Hay Nets in store