Square mesh hay nets, why we choose them………

Slow Feed Hay Nets come in many styles and sizes. Just Grazin Custom Nets are made using quality netting, with square holes. We specifically chose square holed netting as it maintains the hole shape. Whether the net is full of hay or empty, the hole stays the same size. In contrast as hay is eaten from diamond hole netting, the net will slowly close around the hay. This makes it more difficult for the horses to get hay from the net. Holes which may start out at 4 cm, can close down to a much smaller size. When this happens, horses may become frustrated and might not be able to get the rest of the hay from the net.

Square holed netting is our choice for top quality horse friendly slow feed hay nets! 👍

Choosing the right size netting for your horses and your situation is an important part in choosing your slow feed hay net. Therefore its important the netting continues to maintain that chosen hole size, irrespective of whether the net is full of hay or only has a small amount of hay left in it. With square holed netting, that is exactly what happens.

Just Grazin Custom Nets are available in the following netting hole sizes……

3cm x 3cm netting is recommended for animals who are experienced with using slow feed hay nets or for use with mini’s, goats, sheep etc. This size netting is best used with high quality leafy hay, the type of hay your horse/animals usually eat fast. Be mindful though, that some horses may be frustrated by this size if they aren’t conditioned to using a slow feed hay net, others are happy to graze from the net straight away with no worries. Our 3cm netting range is available in 48ply netting, black in colour.

4cm x 4cm is the traditional netting size most commonly used for slow feeding hay. This is our most popular netting as its a good general purpose netting size suitable for the majority of hay types. The perfect size for reducing hay waste as well as slowing consumption when using good quality hay. All of our 4cm nets are made with a robust 60ply netting, green in colour.

6cm x 6cm netting is ideal for those who mainly want to stop their horses wasting so much hay. It does slow consumption, but not as much as 3cm or 4cm netting. Suited to all types of hay. including hay of lower quality & cereal hays. This size is also a great choice for old or retired horses, it wont restrict their forage intake too much, but will save you $ on waste. All of our 6cm netting is a robust 60ply netting, black in colour.

NOTE: Prior to use, be sure your horses hooves are larger than the size of the netting. 6cm netting is not recommended for foals or mini’s due to their small feet. If using with small footed animals, you must ensure their feet cannot access the net as there is a chance they may become tangled. Please read our FAQ’s for ideas on using slow feed hay nets with shod/small footed animals.